Meet The Characters of Immortyl Kisses

Raine - Mortal teenage girl.  Living at home with her parents.  In love with a vampire.

Tristan - Vampire.  Looking for something missing in his life.  Loves Raine and will protect her at all costs. 

Logan - Werewolf.  Defiant and ran away from pack.  Old friends with Tristan and always up to mischief.  He too loves Raine.

Shania - Raine's best friend.  Feisty and wants involved.

Raquim - Tristan's father.  Left their country and coven in Ireland in search of freedom from the Counsel,  and the imminent war about to take place for territories.

Shane - Tristan's brother.  Always picking on Tristan.

Antone - Werewolf.  Alpha and Pack leader.

Neal - Werewolf.  Antone's follower.

Mohana - Witch.  Foresees future events.

Grandmother - Mohana's grandmother.  Witch with the foresight of Divine Darshan.

Mortal Desires - Bar for mortals to fulfill their fantasies.

The Underworld - Underground city where immortals don't have to hide their identities.

Fala - Warlock turned bad.  Creating an army of shape shifters and rogue vampires to war against Tristan's family who turned him into the Counsel.  Was banned to Grim's Island.

Rogue - Vampire and dragon shape shifter sent to destroy Tristan's family and all they love.